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Develop Coal Mine Methane for Clean Energy at OXBOW’s Colorado Elk Creek Mine 2012.



Vessels Coal Gas Directors and Officers tour coal mine methane powered electric generation facilities in the Saar and Ruhr Basins, Germany 2003.  Tour hosted by Facilities operator, G.A.S. Energietechnologie, Krefeld.  Kai Vorholz tour director.  Footage by Tom Vessels.

The one day tour visited approximately 30 Mega Watts of electrical generation facilities installed and operated by G.A.S.


Vessels Coal Gas reduces methane emissions by installing and operating mine methane capture facilities that generate electricity, inject the methane into natural gas pipelines, and combust the methane by thermal oxidation. Tom Vessels has 17 years of experience in mine methane capture in North America and Europe. Vessels Coal Gas operates projects over both active and inactive coal mines. Methane emissions are thus reduced, generating carbon offsets. Vessels Coal Gas operates 3 active projects, and produced the revision to Verified Carbon Standard's Protocol to include abandoned mine methane. The company, in conjunction with the stakeholders' working group of the California Air Resources Board, is participating in rule making on Mine Methane Capture.



ARB- MMC Protocol

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Vesssels Coal Gas received the Conservation Achievement Award



Vessels Coal Gas receives 2011Pennsylvania Governor's Award For Enviromental Excellence